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Top 200 Cannabis Lawyers

The Global Top 200 Editorially Selected Cannabis Legal Professionals 2020-2021+ Featured cannabis legal professionals from jurisdictions around the world. The Cannabis Global 200 is designed to give you direct access to the most experienced cannabis / hemp legal experts around the world and in your jurisdiction.

Looking to work in a jurisdiction you don’t know but need to find an expert..ask our Top 200 cannabis lawyers directory and it’ll direct you to the best of the best.

Global Top 200 Cannabis Lawyers – Published by Cannabis Law Report & Cannabis Law Journal

We do not rank cannabis lawyers in our directory, rather, we want to let you know which lawyer(s) are the best first port of call for a particular state, jurisdiction or country and inform you of their specialist knowledge concerning cannabis the law & regulation.

Cannabis Law Report has been covering the law of cannabis and legal issues on a daily basis for the last 5 years and we want to pass on our knowledge at no cost to those looking for a cannabis legal specialist anywhere in the world.

At this site you will find:

Our editorially selected “Global Top 200 Cannabis Lawyers”

Other specialist financial, medical / adult use cannabis, hemp, CBD lawyers that have requested to be listed (Commended Lawyers Section)

We make it easy to search lawyers by location and by skills and provide as much background material on that attorney to help you make an informed choice prior to opening a conversation.