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American Kratom Association

Our Mission:

On behalf of the growing numbers of Kratom users, including doctors, lawyers, teachers and law enforcement officers, The American Kratom Association, as a Virginia registered non-profit works to help protect their ability to use Kratom for the purposes of improved health and well being.

The American Kratom Association has 5 main goals:

1. Support Consumers - We believe many political and private entities don't make the needs of the consumer and constituents a priority. Our goal is to change that.

2. Educate - Kratom has many beneficial purposes and is an all-natural alternative. Our goal is to educate all Americans—from potential consumers to regulators and everyone in between.

3. Amplify - We represent thousands of Americans that each have a story to tell. We believe the current environment in the United States often does not listen to individual voices and together we will make our voice heard.

4. Global Awareness - We hope to demonstrate responsible use and practical knowledge other countries may study when considering Kratom legislation.

5. Protect Natural Resources - Kratom is a precious natural resource. We support and advocate for sustainable harvesting techniques and reforestation efforts.