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Keynote Speaker
Raj Tumber: Speaking at the Private Label Expo Las Vegas

Raj Tumber

Business & Economic Development - SCORE

Doing Business in High Inflation

Product based businesses rely on logistics and transportation, which in the recent years have become a challenge resulting businesses to adjust their operations frequently. Then, high inflation increases cost of goods resulting to decrease in consumer spending which then effects business revenue - and government revenue through business tax. All this deepens economic downturn.

The speaker discusses awareness factors to consider in maintaining business sustainability during high inflation.

About Raj Tumber

Raj specializes in business operations, business transformation, and business & economic development.

His career started in Silicon Valley’s tech manufacturing as a blue-collar worker. Throughout rest of his career with Fortune 500 companies, Raj attained technical, scientific, management, business and operations development skills. He has earned multiple recognitions in the areas ranging from strategic business development to investigations and loss prevention.

Raj is a Founder of InterAlliance LTD, a consulting company setup for business development and corporate procurement. This year in 2022 InterAlliance is preparing to launch statewide Nevada based comprehensive Veterans Business & Economic Development initiative.

Raj has been with the Las Vegas SCORE since 2009. He serves as a certified business mentor and community partner. He helped start, grow and transform several small businesses.

Raj has allied with corporations, non-profit, government, lending institutions, chamber of commerce, and resource & economic development partners that serve businesses.